MQTT Tag Structure

Hi I am setting up a new ignition system, making use of MQTT, several sites (1000 tags per site). I am after some advice on the best way to set up the Tag structure. My objective is to create 1 PLC / Edge Project and copy this across the 100+ sites, renaming each project uniquely. The query I have is with regards to limiting the MQTT data, for example I have an Analogue sensor and 4 off associated Boolean alarms (HiHi, Hi, Lo, LoLo) that are initiated in the PLC. I was going to setup the edge device / MQTT with only the data from the PLC that changes (Analogue Value, HiHi, Hi, Lo, LoLo). I was then going to setup a duplicate Gateway Tag database with bindings to the MQTT Tags in a relevant UDT structure, with additional memory / derived Tags. For the above example I was going to create an Analogue UDT in the gateway that would hold the additional information, Tag description, alarm setpoints (for display), historical database, alarming, engineering range etc.

Or should I create the UDT structure in the Edge Gateway device and rely on the MQTT.

The objective I have is to roll out additional sites with minimal rework, cost to the client