MQTT Tags and configure alarms

Hello Everyone,

I am new in Ignition and I am testing the MQTT module because I am using MQTT protocol to send the data of my devices, so I see as soon as a message arrives this creates a new tag with the value of the message, the message contains data from different sensors and i am separating this data in a script, the problem I have is that I want to configure alarms for each of the variables that I am separating in the script, but from what I have learned to configure the alarms i should have a tag for variable and I’m talking about 20 variables per device and I have 10 devices, is there any way to do this differently? sorry for my english.

I appreciate all the support you can give me

I haven’t worked with MQTT yet, so I’m not sure if there’s a better way to do that end of it. Others may have better suggestions.

system.tag.addTag is an efficient way create a bunch of similar tags (run it from script console or elsewhere, depending on needs).

You can use system.tag.writeAll to write the values to all the tags in one call.

So you have to configure a second tag for any points that you want alarming on with MQTT? that seems inconvenient.

No. The OP is packing multiple actual values into a single MQTT “value”. The split up values need to be in their own tags to be alarmable. I’d change the system to report each actual value individually – it’s really hard to get any gain from report-by-exception using an aggregate.