MQTT Tags not showing individually

Hey community,

I am trying to use MQTT Tags for my home Automation System iobroker.
The Ignition Gateway and iobroker running in Docker Containers on the same Ubuntu machine.
They are using macvlan both.

Unfortunately, I can't see the defined tags individually in the published messages.
Every time the value for one of the tags changes, it is displayed as one message.

The Transmitter is using the following Sparkplug config.

It is showing Device ID = ... instead of Tag = value.
When I publish directly from the MQTT Explorer it looks different.
On iobroker the messages look exactly the same.

What am I missing here?
Do you need more information?

Best regards,

This data is being published in Sparkplug format. MQTT Explorer apparently doesn't understand Sparkplug.

Hi Kevin,

thanks for the quick reply.
Is there a possibility to change the format?
It seems that iobroker has the same trouble understanding Sparkplug.

I think you can change it to a JSON encoding in the transmitter options, but otherwise I can't see anything in the docs that suggest an alternative to Sparkplug. The MQTT modules are primarily focused on Sparkplug.

Check in with Cirrus Link at as well. They'll know for sure.

I found a Sparkplug module for JavaScript.

I think I will try to use it within iobroker.

Thanks for your support.