MQTT topics not updating

I’m trying to troubleshoot why my MQTT Engine topics are not updating. I’m using a MQTT client utility to view the topics published to the MQTT Server. The topics are being updated there on the server. However, the MQTT topics are there in the designer, but it’s not complete. The data does not show up.

In the past, we are able to re-establish communication by resetting the MQTT module and the MQTT Server. This is not working.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Is there any indication in the gateway logs pointing to the issue ?


I’m seeing that it’s not able to subscribe to the mqtt server, but I’m able to connect to the server using another client (mqtt-explorer).

In the Designer tag browser, it says that I’m connected to the mqtt server:


After resetting the MQTT Server, we were able to get Ignition’s MQTT module to start subscribing to the topics. Is there a reason why we need to restart the MQTT Server in order to get Ignition’s MQTT module to work again?

I know the MQTT Server is working fine because I’m watching the topics being published. Viewing from another client says that I’m able to subscribe to the topics.

This seems to be happening a lot - once a week at the least. Anyone else having this issue?


Not sure to be honest, you could try posting on the cirrus link forum ?

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