MQTT Transmission and RabbitMQ

Good evening all,
I’m playing with Igntion MQTT Transmission module to bridge Tags to MQTT. I want then to push MQTT topics to RabbitMQ but I’m unable to see any connection from the broker side.

Does anyone has tried thjis configurazion with success?

Thank you


I started to play with this with some mild success. I was speaking with CirrusLink support on it, but it seems it was not a fully vetted config at the time. Unfortunately, I have just had too may other priorities to get back to this.

What I was trying to do was to be able to post to an arbitrary MQTT topic and have it show up as a tag in Ignition and then be able to have the tag changes published back to MQTT. To configure the tags for MQTT messages you need to go into the MQTT Engine settings and define a custom namespace under Namespaces > Custom…

Publishing MQTT > Tag worked great, but I never got tag changes to write back to to the MQTT bus. Hope this helps a bit.