MQTT Transmission value Null until Tag changes value

I'm using Transmitter to publish Ignition tags to Distributor. Then using Engine to subscribe to the tags in Distributor to validate the publish is working as expected.
Any Ignition tags that change values are showing correctly in Engine.
Any Ignition tags that do not change values are showing Null in Engine.

I've tried
[MQTT Transmission]Transmission Control/Refresh.
Disable enable Transmission in the gateway.
Disable enable Distributor in the gateway.

Is there a setting to publish all current values on restart or periodically?

Thanks, Joe

I have had this issue as well. The only fix I have found is to restart the Ignition edge gateway.

I believe you need to set the Primary Host ID. I was experiencing the same issue until I read the below post from the cirrus link forum.

MQTT Tag Values After Disconnect/Gateway Restart