MQTT with 3rd party broker

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We are starting with Inductive Edge and MQTT. If we use the provided Broker the example is working fine, But if we use our Broker the data are published but are not displayed under the “MQTT Engine” three view Under “Edge Nodes+Tutorial Device+…”

Any idea which is mandatory to see the “discovery” feature at work?


You will have to use a Broker designed to work with Ignition. As far as I know Cirrus Link’s Broker is the only one.

This is not correct. There is no such thing as a “Broker designed to work with Ignition.” Check your connection logs, it is probably a permission issue.

You can certainly use your own broker. Check out for config details.

If your topics do not conform to Sparkplug, you may need to setup some custom namespaces to ensure things populate for your topics (also in the docs above).


My bad, I always find the Cirrus Link modules confusing. It is the Cirrus Link Engine module which has the ability to auto-create Ignition tags, as far as I know this should work with any broker (theirs is called the Distributor module).

Any broker should work (I think there’s some minimum QoS it needs to support).

The auto-creation of tags by the Engine module is possible when the data pushed to the broker is conforming to the Sparkplug protocol.

edit: oops, @ryanjmclaughlin already basically said this.

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I tested it using Mosquitto. I ended up having to append’/json’ to the incoming namespace subscription and then set JSON payload to TRUE.

My data source was the ‘Generic MQTT’ on a Red Lion Graphite HMI using Crimson 3.1 I set the Publication Topic to G07Pub on the HMI. In Ignition MQTT Engine, I created a custom Namespace. Subscrtiptions was ‘G07Pub/json’, root Tag Folder was TagData, and JSON Payload was checked true.

The MQTT Engine did auto-create the tags for me as expected.



Hello Kyle_Chase,

After some playing, the system is runing as expected now, this topic is closed.
But by the way, where can we check the connection logs?


It all depends on what broker you are using. Mosquitto outputs it’s logs to /var/log/mosquitto.log I think.

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