MS SQL Database Connection Issue

I have been developing in Perspective with a MS SQL Server Express database (on the same laptop as the gateway) without issue. I recently updated to the Ignition platform 8.0.7 and I am also on a job site, so I’m on a new network.

When I pulled up my projects, the database connections were not connecting, with no change to the projects or the drivers. To make sure I’m not missing something before re-installing the drivers:

  1. My understanding is that traffic between the database and the gateway should not be dependent on the network setup, since they are all local. Are there any port considerations I need to be aware of in this setup?
  2. I also restored the gateway backup to prior to the gateway upgrade. Any chance something was changed in the upgrade that wasn’t reverted back in the restore?

Gateway Log Error

DB Connection Error

Does the site use a different version of SQL Server? Your JDBC drivers from your dev environment would be part of the gateway backup, and would replace the production system’s JDBC drivers.

That’s the thing - the only drivers involved are the ones installed on my local laptop. I wouldn’t expect that my local database setup should be affected at all by the move, unless the MSSQL <-> Gateway communications actually went over the network, in which case the router could be blocking traffic on port 1434? Or put another way, can I assume that no network connection is required to run an Ignition gateway that is tied to a SQL database on the same laptop?

Is the production database also SQL Express? And using that same instance name?

Are you sure your SQL Server instance is actually running and configured to bind to localhost and the same port?

Hi, is there any update for this issue? I have the same issue happened yesterday, thanks!

Sorry, no good solution from my end. As memory serves, I left the job site and everything worked, so I didn’t have reason to revisit the issue.