MS SQL Server type/licensing model recommendations/thoughts

Databases: We've developed Ignition using MS SQL Server Express databases, as well as used it for our first production systems sold and commissioned.

I'd prefer to stick with MS SQL Server at this point, but would like to look into moving past the limitations of 'Express' to a paid/licensed version for Ignition use.

Given the alternatives for SQL type/license models, has anyone gone through the same experience and have recommendations on MS SQL Server type/license model? Our typical system would be about 5 HMI/Vision clients and 'several' perspective users. So perhaps SQL Server Standard with about 10 CAL's? Thanks.

Hey @jeff.ryan,

By any chance did you get to take a look at our knowledge base article regarding Ignition Server Sizing and Architecture Guide? The server sizing guide contains information on what DB configuration you may need for your given use case.

IIRC, Microsoft requires a CAL for every actual end user. Unless you are buying limited Perspective and Vision licenses to ensure you stay within your CAL count, it seems to me you will be on thin ice.

(User-count-based licenses is one of the reasons I despise SQL server. It is fundamentally at odds with Ignition's unlimited philosophy.)

You can license it per core, which would then give unlimited users. You would need to see at what point that it becomes cost effective to do it that way.

Hello all,
Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. We are still working through this. I do see that the SQL Express size limitation is per database, so we can design the system with multiple databases for historian, which we weren't doing before, which helps with Express usage for now. Again, we are weighing options yet.