MS SQL Table Valued Functions from Ignition SQL Query Source

In case the title isn’t super clear, which I fear it probably isn’t, I am using a user defined function in order to perform the functionality of the string_split function that is available with a compatibility level greater than 130. Because the database I’m using isn’t super new, and for fear of breaking things if I were to adjust the compatibility level of the database to be equal to 130, I’ve written a replacement.

My question was, then, if it is possible to use function that I’ve written inside of the SQL Server Management tool from within ignition. Because, to my understanding, ignition just runs the query that I enter into the query binding against the database itself, and, after all, the database itself is aware of the function that I’ve written.

This may be a more arbitrary and weirder question than can easily be answered here, but I’m very curious as it would save me a lot of grief.

Thank you!

Should just work.

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This is what I was thinking would be the case, but I’m glad I got some confirmation.