MSAccess file size

Would like to find out what the maximum recommended file size of a MSAccess db file should be when running an SQL query in a table. I am trying to view data from a db file that is around 2 gig and that is apperently too big for FactoryPMI. I always get an error after timing out. I have a similar setup reading from a db file that is around 750k in which there isn’t any trouble.

We don’t really have a good idea as to a recommendation for a maximum size for an Access database, since we don’t fully support the use of MS Access.

We should be able to get you connected, but beyond that, its really out of our hands. It doesn’t surprise me that a large access database’s performance isn’t acceptable, since Access really isn’t a capable relational database.


I am having trouble even figuring out how to connect to an Access DB. We are running ignition on Ubuntu Server Edition. The DB I want to connect to is located on another server. How do I go about adding the connection?

You cannot connect to MS Access from a Linux machine. To connect to MS Access on a Windows machine you need to setup a System DSN (ODBC) connection.

I remember seeing a 3rd party access JDBC driver that might work on Linux. It’s very much a use at your own risk application.

There is now a pure-java type-4 JDBC driver for access:

I’ve never used it, so let us know how it goes.

Hi @Justin,

I would like to know if you found a solution the problem with the file size read timed out error for MS access?

We experienced the same thing with read timed out which occurs inconsistently, our db size is just around 1GB. But I tried to do a similar setup with a lower file size and it works just fine.