Msqld.exe has a problem and needs to close

I get this message when restarting my computer. I tried starting it with the mysql administrator, I get “could not connect to the specified instance”. I run through the mySQL Server Instance Config Wizard and after hitting the Execute button, it prepares configuration, writes config file, and then says “Could not start the service mySQL. Error:0” Why is mysql not running and how do I fix this?


Under the mysql data directory, there should be a .err file that can offer some info as to why the server won’t run.

In MySQL 5.0, the data directory was “data” under the install directory (Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0). In 5.1, they started putting it in different “user data” areas… on my machine it defaulted to “C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\Data”

The sure fire way to find it is to open my.ini in the install directory and look for the “datadir” entry.

Once you find the err file (which will actually be named the computer name+".err"), you can take a look at it (in notepad, or whatever) and see if anything jumps out, or you can attach it to a post here and we’ll see if we notice anything.