MSSQL Table related question

I have noticed that in MySQL you can text wrap cells that contain a lot of information. A good example of this is your demo project and the help screen. I have tried doing this with MSSQL and so far have not had any luck. All I get is one big long straight line. Is there a simple way where you can get MSSQL to do this word wrapping? THanks and have a great day.

I don’t think that wrappnig text in a FactoryPMI table cell has anything at all to do with the database system. This topic was recently covered in this post.

EDIT: I see Carl just posted this already, but I spent the time to write it, so I’m posting!

Well, when it comes to the display of string data, it’s not a database related problem. Strings look the same to FactoryPMI coming from MySQL as they from MS SQL. So, there must be a slight difference in how the components are configured in the two cases you’re looking at.

Often times the easiest way to get FactoryPMI components to wrap text is to make them render it as HTML. Adding a simple in front of the text will do the trick. I’ve seen this done in various ways… Create a dynamic property that pulls from the database, and bind the text value of the component to ‘’+{dynamicpropertyname} or simply doing the concatenation in the query, like “SELECT ‘’+column1 FROM table”.

That’s my guess as to what is being done in the demo project, and is certainly what’s happening in the help screen.


This has nothing to do with FPMI or FSQL this is a database related question, hence why I placed it here in sthe database section and not in FSQL or FPMI. When it comes to displaying the information I have in the table using FPMI there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is when I am creating the table in MSSQL. When I tried to created the same type of table layout in MySQL it worked quite well I could word wrap and expand the cell to see all the data I had typed into that cell in that table. However I can not seem to do the same thing with the Microsoft version. I expanded the cell, I tried hitting enter, and other key combinations but nothing seems to let me word wrap in the table in MSSQL. I read on a posting somewhere that this was not an option in earlier MSSQL tables but there was no data covering the 2005 version. So can the word wrapping be done in a cell in MSSQL or does MS not allow word wrapping in the SQL product in the cells of a table?

:scratch: You must be talking about the database interface programs that come with MySQL (Called the “MySQL Query Browser”) vs the one that comes with SQL Server (called the “SQL Server Management Studio”).

Sorry - I don’t know how to get the SQL Server Management studio to wrap text, but understand that this is a function of the SQL Server Management Studio, not of SQL Server itself… If you don’t like SQL Server Management studio, you might try one of the myriad of cross-database frontends, like DBManager or Oracle’s SQL Developer (free!, and yes, you can use Oracle’s frontend product for SQL Server, thanks to JDBC technology!), etc.