Multi client on the same monitor

Hi everybody,

Basing on what I read in the forum and also in the manual, in Ignition I can sure launch multi client on multi monitor, because there is the function “system.gui.getScreens()” that allow me to index each screen and handle this stuff.

What I am asking now is: it’s possible to split a videowall (with 4k of resolution) in four parts and visualize a different client of Ignition in each parts?
Because if I try to do this with a matrox C680 card, the matrox software allow me to split the monitor of course, but Ignition never consider each splitted parts like a different monitor from each other.

Also in this condition, if I run the “system.gui.getScreens()”, I receive only one screen recognized by Ignition into the Dataset returned by the function.

Thank you for your attention.