Multi-filtering option, Table component similar to IADemo

Inductive Team,

We had a look at Ignition Demo > Quality Demo > SPC Control Charts available on website and amazed to see the power of Ignition. We had a similar development requirement for filtering like SPC Settings. And also Table component like Date and Time, XBar…. We don’t find similar components in Ignition Designer.

These components are Custom Ones ? Which components (Tree View or something else) we need to use for developing those and where to start ?

The SPC module is a module that is installed into Ignition. You can select it during the Ignition installation by choosing “Custom” install instead of “Typical” and selecting MES SPC option. You can also download the the SPC module and manually install it into Ignition.

Here is a link to the MES User Manual:

The SPC Quality->Getting Started->Installation section will guide your through installing the demo project with the SPC charts.

Thank you thechtman.