Multi hitstory tags for values in a dataset tag


I am new to ignition (2months), and i am working on a project where i have more than 30 datasets Tag , and each onet contains different measurements and some of the headers are different too.

i need to make a history tag for each measurement so that i can plot it on an XYchart.

i started by making a history tag for each one, but this way will take me too long. Isn’t there a faster way to do this by giving the parameters to make those tags or to create a history data from a dataset directly ( i found in the documentation that it’s not possible).

Here is an example of one dataset
Annotation 2022-04-26 075543

How is the data getting into the datasets. It would be far more effective to add history at the source, particularly if already an Ignition tag.

it 's a a tag from an older Gateway , that i don’t have access to, so i can’t make any changes.

for now i plot the history with a query, but because of the number of charts on a page (in a flex repeater), it takes too long to load at opening. That’s why I thought about a tag history.