Multi instance of the same project

I have a situation were the operator accidentaly launches several instances of the same project on the same client at the same time. It occurs as the launched window gets hidden behind other windows. Is there a way to prevent this from happening by, for example, redirecting to the already launched project.
Is it possible by any means to set the lauched project window to be always on top.


OS: Windows 7
Ignition 7.2.5 (b76)

I put the following code into my client startup script as I had the same problems. This asks nicely if the user would really like to keep more than one client open at a time but you could change it to force close if you so desired.

[code]# Check to see if there is already an Ignition client open on this PC. Trying to cut down on multiple clients open on one machine.
projName = system.util.getProjectName()
hostName ="[System]Client/Network/Hostname").value
sessionInfo = system.util.getSessionInfo()

rowIndex = 0
clientCount = 0
for row in sessionInfo:
if sessionInfo[rowIndex][1] == projName and sessionInfo[rowIndex][2] == hostName:
clientCount += 1
if clientCount > 1:
if system.gui.confirm(“There is already a client open on this PC, do you want to close this client?”, “Client Already Running”):
rowIndex += 1[/code]

I just noticed that you’re running Ignition 7.2.

I think the getSessionInfo() function returned IP addresses prior to 7.7 so you’ll have to use the IPAddress tag instead of the Hostname tag, if I remember correctly. FYI.