Multi Monitor Client and the Alarm Status Table flashing bug?

We noticed that in a multi monitor situation the Alarm Status Table will stop flashing in the following conditions.

  • Start up client with two monitors
  • On one monitor is a blank screen on the other has an Alarm status Table component with 1 (Active, UnAcked) alarm
  • on the blank monitor navigate to screen with the same alarm status table
  • then on the same monitor navigate away to blank screen

The Alarm Status Table on the second monitor stops flashing. It seems the flashing is global and once an Alarm Status Table closes it kills the flashing function across the client.

Has anyone encountered this before? Or have a work around to restart the flashing?


Is this Vision, or Perspective?

This is Vision

I have sent a ticket into support and it appears this is a bug with using SWAP. Using OPEN/CLOSE may be work around.

However, this would not work in our case as we use a template repeater to swap between windows. So we ended up opening an invisible window containing alarm status table.

This problem is still present, even in version 8.1.19.
It is present also in single monitor application: if you use AlarmStatusTable in a dock and in a popup for example. It seems there is a single clock for all alarmTable instance, so closing one stop/destroy this clock

It turns out this is a known issue in an upstream library that provides the table component. We weren’t able to work around it in our code, so we’re waiting on them to fix it and issue a new release.