Multi-Monitor Client - Not all windows deploy to indexed monitors solution

Hi, writing this in hopes it helps others save some time in the future.

I have a 4 monitor solution using the Multi-Monitor Client function built into Ignition as of 7.9.9. We love this function and it works well. We recently deployed a 4 monitor solution for a controller station but ran into a situation where one of the 4 monitors simply did not receive the intended window.

All 4 windows opened according to the script, but the window for monitor 3 was defaulted to monitor 1, index 0 along with the initial window assigned to monitor 1.

When running the display settings, all 4 monitors were identified properly, yet each time we launched the application, monitor 3 failed to get its assigned window.

After several attempts at using different video drivers with no success, I decided to make the monitor having issues the primary monitor. By doing this, monitor 3 became the assigned window at index 0. Success! The other monitors that has originally had received their windows properly continued to receive their windows in a different index pattern and the monitor 3, who became index 0, received the first window.

This was not an Ignition issue or a scripting problem as much as a windows driver issue indexing the monitors.

To set the primary monitor, from the display settings click on the monitor giving you problems to highlight it. Then scroll down to the bottom of the display settings page and click on the check box “make primary display”.

Hope this helps others in the future.