Multi-monitor system and mouseover text

Haven’t checked outside of running in full screen mode, but I had this oddism show up
Running 7.2.11, so if it’s already addressed in later versions, I’ll just shut up. :slight_smile:

8) Nice setup!

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be making up a three-monitor-stand

Do you get a similar anomaly when using just 2 monitors?

Yep. I remember seeing that way back when I was just a two-monitor lad.

Now that I’ve remembered Mark and X-Trace modes, it’s not a big deal-- and since there are only a couple of us with more than one monitor, it’s not much of an issue at all.

But once more people get to be like “that crazy Jordan guy”, I’m sure it’ll become more noticeable.

That looks like it might be a Java thing. What version are you running on the triple system?


Had 1.7.x on here for a bit (courtesy of our illustrious I.T. department), but after having a window-full of numerical displays get jacked up after editing, it’s been back to 1.6

I’ve seen this all the way back to Java 1.6.24, which is where I had started with Ignition.

Can I force the mode of the easy chart to X-trace through scripting as workaround?

After looking into this some more it looks like this might be out of our control. It appears an issue related to the communication between Java and the OS. I’ll look into it some more to see if there is anything else we can find, but for now it doesn’t look like there is a fix for this issue that we can implement on our end.

I'm okay with blaming Windows. :unamused:

Now for the flip side:

Yeah: [tt]chart.setMode(4)[/tt]

Cool! Thanks!

All right, setting the mode to X-trace and turning off tooltips will be an acceptable workaround.

My guess is that Java will toss the tooltip onto whatever monitor is being used as the primary.

Windows, however, does odd (read “stupid”) things with dialog boxes. Case in point: even though my left monitor is the primary, the right monitor is (according to Windows) monitor number 1. All shutdown/system/file/etc. dialog boxes show up on the right-hand one

Unless someone has anything on this, I’ll mark it solved toward the end of the day. Last chance for this thread to really jump the shark-- better hurry! :laughing:

All I’d say is to try Java 7 again. The issues with colors being wiped out on window-save were fixed long ago.

Really? Even for those of us still back at Ignition 7.2.x?

No, 7.2.x versions will not work with Java 7.

Aha! That’s why I had to go back!

All right then. Consider me solved. :slight_smile: