While searching for multi-monitor options with Ignition, I found this thread. Would something like this still be the best option? I have a customer that is requesting four monitors on their client machine. Three of them will display “static” status windows, and the fourth will be used for normal operation tasks. Confirmation or other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Yeah thats still the best bet. Although I hear from our linux users that its way easier to do in linux - if you put the shortcuts to the various projects on the different monitors, they’ll go full-screen on that monitor naturally. (so I hear)

Actually, I lied Carl. You need to execute the jnlp once, from any desktop. After that, it will be in recent documents. Launch it in its respective monitor, and ill launch there. This works when each monitor is its own X session

OK, update on this. After running the system for a while, our customer wants to change to the following setup:

One 50" plasma or LCD with a static “overview” display
One 24" LCD for operator functions

The only problem I forsee is, if the operator minimizes Ignition on the 24" display to do some other work, it will minimize on the 50" as well. Does anyone have a suggestion on perhaps launching a second instance that would be scripted to move over to the second, 50" monitor when the main application is launched? Or would I be better off creating a second project for the 50" display, and requiring the user to launch both projects during startup? Thanks.

I would like to do a similar configuration running under Windows. However , I haven’t looked into the possible video options. Do you have any recommendations on the video hardware?

Yep, I’d do that.