Multi-Operation Capable MES Line setup

Hello guys,

I am kind of new to the deployment of ignition on Production lines and using Sepasofts to determine the OEE.

The line I am currently deploying ignition on is linear which means one equipment's output feeds the next equipment.

The issue is when it comes to calculating the counters of good products and rejects we have to do it on the outfeed of the whole line after a manual inspection done by the operator assigned to the line. However, before we could finish producing product A and do the inspection we can swap the campaign to product B and start producing a whole different product.

so at the same time we can produce product B and A but the counter at the outfeed will increment the counters for product B(current due to changing the campaign on the plc) while it should be Product A.

does anyone know how to surmount this problem

I was exploring the multi operation capable but it doesn't explain how it affects the counters for the OEE.

Thank you in advance for any hints you might provide.

I don't really use that module, but my understanding is that you will need to define each machine separately.

I did define each machine separately but the machines make up the production Line, to clarify :

my issue is with the specific case where we don't empty the whole line of production before starting the production of a different product.

let us say my production line has machine 1, 2, 3, 4

Product A goes through machines 1 and 2 when it reaches 3 the operators will sometimes change to produce Product B. which means I will have machine 1 working on product B and machine 3 on product A.
while the production Line thinks it is working on the new product B due to changing the campaign on the plc so when the Product A exits the line after machine 4 the counter will count it as Product B

I meant each machine will need to be set up with its own campaign assignment. You will likely have to define products A1, A2, and A3, with B1, B2, and B3, as the partially completed products.

i hope this explains the issue more

No, I understood it the first time. I just didn't explain my recommendation in enough detail in my first response. You need to break up your single virtual production line into multiple virtual lines. Each machine will have its own counters for the intermediate product it is producing at that time.

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Oh I see make the line into 4 different sub lines. I will try that Thank you !!

You can mark the line as Multi-operation capable Line Settings - MES Platform 3.0 - Sepasoft MES Help Documentation

Then use the index function to move the next operation down the line

As soon as product B is indexed to the end of the line, the operation for product A will end.

Feel free to reach out for a consult to discuss this in more detail.