Multi-Page table in Reports

I have a document that will usually be a few pages long. The top half of the first page will be information about the company, date, contact info, etc. The second half will be a table. This table may be longer than will fit in the remaining half page, so I would like for it to continue on to the next page.

It does this, sort of.

Page 2 will contain the remainder of the table, but it will also contain the header sort of information from the first page.

How can I have this table continue on to the second page, starting at the top of the page, rather than including the header information and starting below it?


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I know exactly what you are talking about… My workaround was to move the table to the second page so my first page stuff doesn’t get repeated every page after… Not a fix I know…

You have to use a single table, and put two subtables inside it.

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In the end I was able to make this work. Made a table group, then added two Datasets to that. I also unchecked the box labeled Reprint when wrapped.

Just a quick followup, I understand the process when it comes to tables but in my case I have a signature field that I want to show up at the bottom of the table and when the table is more than a page it shows up in every page.

Make the signature field its own subtable, using a constant data key.

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Thanks @pturmel ended up using couple of Static CSV data sources, one empty to give a gap between the table and the signatures and the second with 3 row for the 3 signature fields.

In my case, using Ignition 7.9.5, all I had to do is make sure this values is 1:

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Perfect, that was it, thank you so much! =D