Multi screens on single client


What is the maximum number of screen that you have successfully used on a single client and what is the configuration (graphic card, resolution…)?
We have to display on 2 or 3 monitors (depending on the site) the same mimics + one single display with textual informations (should be another Ignition project).

You can probably configure this in a few different ways. Most graphic cards will support multiple monitors. Most of the lower end cards ($100-$150) will support dual monitors, and some will support 3 monitors. There are also various different adapters that can be purchased to add additional monitors to your current configuration. I personally use a lower end graphics card (Nvidia GT 640 2 GB) on one of my computers and it pushes out to two 22 inch monitors that are running at 1920X1080 with no problems at all. Here in the office we use an adapter to split the signal from a single DVI port (Radeon 6350) out to dual monitors.

I use Ati Firepro 4800’s to output to 3 monitors at a time.


Thank you, but I believe what we need is somewhat different ; what we want (the customer wants) is to display on a video-wall with various configurations (there is 5 or more locations). Video-wall should be somtehing like Barco or so.

Ok, now I see what you’re wanting to do. I cant comment on the capabilities of the Barco products. They may have a solution for displaying one client across multiple displays, such as one client window spread out across 4 displays. If the video wall were to be used as single individual screens, you would need to launch a separate client on each screen.

Maybe someone else has some experience with this and can offer their opinion.

Matrox is also a good start to build a video wall.
Treating the wall as a giant single screen, You just set up different displays to show in a certain sections of the wall?
Hmmm…is there a “Zoom Screen” capability in Ignition? Button to select 800x600 or 1024x768 or larger? You would also need to have the ability to generate (or lock in) the zoom to go in a correct direction. Entering some pixel coordinate as a “base point”, so the zoom function goes the right direction and not off the screen?

Some LG Monitors like the 4210/4220 have built in options to produce a video wall by sending the same video signal to each monitor and by using the monitors remote you can specify which screen shows what part of the image (ie top/right, top/left, bottom/right, bottom/left) for a 2x2 video wall.

I would check a manual for the exact monitor to confirm this function as the monitors model/versions change frequently.