Multi select dropdown menu

Hello all,
I am currently designing a project in which the specifications require using drop down menus that allow for the user to select multiple items from the list in order to load the needed data. It is my understanding that there is no out of the box functionality in Ignition to accomplish this, and I was just wondering if anyone out there has done anything similar and could shine some light on a possible solution. Thanks in advance!

Consider a toggle button that uses the dropdown arrow icon, next to a label styled to look like the dropdown text area. Use the toggle button to enable visibility of a regular selection list, positioned and sized to appear like the dropdown’s list. Enable multi-selection on that list.


Hi Phil,

Thanks so much for your quick response. I just built that up real quick and I believe that it will work, I appreciate your help!



We’ve used a popup with template repeater to repeat toggle buttons. The advantage would be if your list gets long the template repeater automatically adds a scroll bar.

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How do you get data back from this? Do you write it to tags, or can you get it back directly in the GUI?

IMO, the wanted GUI depends a lot on how permanent the selection is. I’ve used a dual list for this before, where the operator could select some lotnumbers from an initial list of lotnumbers, and move it to a “selected” list. In this case, the selection was quite permanent, and couldn’t be altered during the process.

A selection list takes less screen space, but it’s easier to mess up the selection. So good enough if the choice can easily be reverted.

The list with toggle buttons reminds me more of a mobile settings screen, but it’s no bad option either.

We were using it to write to tags in the PLC, so we used TagPath as one of the Template Repeater dataset parameters.