Multi State Button Background Image

Hi Guys,

I have a Multi State Button for controlling a Traffic Sign. Ideally I’d like the buttons to have a background image showing the Sign Face it correlates to. I have the state images for each button in the Image Management Section and thought I could simply set both the Selected and Unselected Styles to point the Background Image property to the path of these images but I can’t seem to get it working.

Any ideas?

Did you see this in the user manual?

Brian is using a multistate button, which acts a bit differently. Try wrapping it in a url function.




Yes, this works fine when I’m using the regular buttons, just doesn’t appear to work with the MultiState Button.

Thanks, will give this a go. Thought it might be a simple little trick I was missing.

Thanks Jordan,

It works with your suggestion. However this could pose an issue if I hardcode the Gateway IP address in so will need to find a work around for that.

You can use the session.props.gateway.address prop:

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where is this implemented on the multi state button exactly?