Multi State Button state

I have been trying to use a multi state button for a while now and every time I use it, I cant get the button to change color even I change the colors on the selected and unselected styles. Just wondering if anyone knows how to get these buttons to actually chance state when I press them?

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Multi-state button

The colour depends on the indicatorValue, not on the controlValue. You need to bind the indicator to the controlValue or to the PLC tag that the controlValue is writing to.

So i have one button working now but am now trying to get the other one working as well. There is only one indicator value so how do i link two buttons to it

… so how do i link two buttons to it?

Multi-state button.

Perfect. I got it working now. Thanks a million you were a great help

Good stuff. Don’t forget to hit the “Solution” icon below the appropriate post. It marks it solved in the main index then.

@Transistor How do you do the cool paper tare snippets??? lol

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That’ll be a paper tear or “torn edge”.
Snagit (commercial software) or Greenshot (free and what I use at home).

Both feature torn edge, drop shadow, annotations, arrows, text, sequentially numbered circles, etc. Snagit’s interface is more polished and it has more image manipulation tools.

For the animated GIFs I use Snagit in work or ScreenToGif at home.

I like the torn edge feature as it makes it obvious that I’m looking at a screengrab and don’t try to interact with it.

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