Multi-state indicator function?

Hi. New to ignition and doing some testing. I want to display an enumerated list of text strings based on an integer tag using a multi-state indicator.
I can make it work perfectly selecting Driving Property:State and Syled Property: Text and typing out my text associated with each integer value.

However…If in the Style pop-up, a different driving property is selected (intentionally or unintentionally) then back to State as the driving property, Text is no longer selected as a styled property. And when added again, all of the state text that was typed previously is gone! and it back-fills text for each state with that of the first one in the list.

Hoping someone else has seen this and can tell me how more permanently preserve the configuration?


There’s a styles dataset that contains the actual instructions Ignition follows when animating based on style. You can copy that to the clipboard and tweak it outside the style customizer.

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