Multi-state indicator + Quality indicator?

I have Multi-state indicators setup…


But I’m also needing to change color for bad tag quality, say gray. How do I make this happen? I keep poking around and I’ve been unsuccessful. A bad/offline tag will not have a value so I can’t figure this out.

You can use the quality property of the tag, or more simply, the isGood expression function

Any good write-ups for this? I haven’t been able to find any. I think I’m close but it’s not quite working now I need it to.

If you want to be explicit, you can use binEnc - binEnc(isGood({tag}), {tag}). It’ll return an integer value that’s the binary complement of the booleans provided; so your truth table becomes:

Quality Tag Binary Integer
bad (0) 0 00 0
bad (0) 1 01 1
good (1) 0 10 2
good (1) 1 11 3

Then you can explicitly specify the rendering in the style customizer for any of the possible states.

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