Multi-state indicator style doesn't work live

We developed a style through the style customizer that has an animation to flash, with three different states. When in design mode it works but in preview or live it doesn't work. Any thoughts on why?

Make sure your changes are pushed out. There's a few ways projects can be deployed. My first hunch is that your project is changed in designer but not deployed to the runtime yet.

Depending on your project settings it's possible you have to click the orange bar at the top of the runtime to accept the new version of the screen.

Also, for general troubleshooting you could drag a label on the screen and bind it's display value to the state property of your multistate indicator.

If the state is good and it's deployed, look in the style customizer and confirm it has "state" as the driving property.

Thanks Steve,

I did as you suggested. I checked and it is updating, the value that is bound to the style change is working fine, it displays in a text field that I made. Those updates all populated to the live screen no problem. Also it changes conditions perfect in designer when I change the value. We are using "State" to change the background color, we are animating the background color between red and yellow if the value is 0, yellow if 1, green if 2. The red color is the first color designated on the list in the styles customizer and it is stuck on that color (red) in the runtime display and preview in designer.

Nothing is jumping out at me.

Try making a new multistate indicator and configuring the style customizer manually and see if it is working on that control. It sounds like something is different but I don't know what. Maybe there is a binding that is acting on the control behind the scenes but not in a way you can see in the designer.

It might help if you show your work. That way we can help you. Since there really isn't any code, a screen shot of bindings, the component and the style customizer will go a long ways to help.

OK, i went to go take some snapshots and I noticed that the settings disappeared after closing the designer. I tried several times and although I saved it the next time I closed and reopened the project those changes where gone.

How is the State property getting its value?

From an sql query tag. I made a text box and bound it to that same tag and it shows the value fine, it also saved

Can you show the binding in a screenshot?
Can you also show a screenshot of the properties for the multi-state indicator?

Well equal to 0 and less than 600 will evaluate to the same thing.

Why not just use the value of your tag instead?
Bind state to your tag.
Setup the style customizer like this:

When the value is 0 then the first row will be used.
From 1 -> 600 then the second row
Greater than 600 the last row.

Thats a very good point!!!

I will implement that change BUT I was able to fix the problem. I created a new multistate indicator binding one thing at a time and testing. The new multistate indicator worked fine so I went and deleted the old one, only to discover that there was another identical instance of it below! :roll_eyes: I have no idea how that would have effected it or even when it got there, likely I copied it at one time.

Thanks for the help Gentlemen, Much appreciated!

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