Multi State Indicator

I have 2 states for one multi-state indicator, when the value changed i want it to change to that second style how do i do that?


Using the customizer should allow you to properly change what the selected and unselected styles are for each state. You can access this by double clicking the component, or right-clicking the component and selecting “multi-state button customizer”.

What i mean is by code. I already have 2 styles for the multi-state indicator. One is on and the other is off. What I want to happen is that when the value is greater than 0 the multi-state indicator will change to the second style which is On

How many states do you have for this tag? Is it too many to be entered individually?

i have 1 state for this tag and 2 styles one is if the tag is equal to 0 and one is if the tag is greater than 0.

I guess I should’ve been clearer with the question, what is the range of possible tag values? Is it 0 to infinity? Or is there a finite upper bound?

I see. All you need to do is bind the state property to an expression like this:if({Path/To/Tag} > 0, 1, 0)Of course replace the {Path/To/Tag} with your tag path.

yes i guess you can say that the value of the tags can be infinite i guess that’s why what i did was greater than 0.

if({Path/To/Tag} > 0, 1, 0)

what is 0,1,0?

if({Path/To/Tag} > 0, 1, 0)

They’re parts of the parameters of the if function. The first is the condition that checks if the tag value is greater than 0. The next returns a 1 if the condition is true. The final 0 returns the value of zero if the condition is not true.

oh ok. got it thanks :slight_smile: