Multi-State Indicator's State, driven by tag (int1)

Hey, I have a multi-state indicator that i want to display valve states based on a tag (int1 - Byte). However i keep getting these errors;

  1. If i have the state using an expression binding type with {[Client]TagPath} + “Valve 1/Stage”, I get an error that says 'Error Trying to coerce ‘North/Station 3B/Valve 1/stage’ to a number.

  2. If i do the same above wrapping the expression with toint(), i get “Error executing expression binding on Valve.Valve.multi-State Indicator 1.state”. Details shows "Unable to cast value: ‘North/Station 3B/Valve 1/Stage’ to a(n) Integer. Try using a failover parameter in your cast function.

If i look at the property editor though, i see that it has the correct number of the valve’s stage. However i get that error and the multi-state indicator shows as broken.

Any ideas what i’m missing?

Your expression binding is yielding a string. To get the tag value, you need to use that string in an indirect tag binding.

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