Multi-state "key-pad"

Hey all. I’m loving the new HOA “multi-state” button. I would love it if this was able to combine buttons into a keypad. I have several applications that could use this. Right now, I’m just creating multiple rows to do this. I can see how this could be complicated. Would need a row vs. height to determine how many of buttons need to be in each row… How many rows… How to fill in empty spaces when the number of buttons do not make equal rows… and so on. In the example shown here, I have 1 extra button on its own row. This is just to help illustrate my keypad needs.

Does that keypad function like the multi state indicator? As in: each button represents a numeric state, and only one can be selected at a time? Right now the Multi state button has “horizontal” and “vertical” mode, but it could easily have a new “flow” or “wrap” mode that would make it behave more like your picture. Is this what you’re talking about?

Yes Carl. I just did the drag & drop of my SQLTag on to the page and selected the multi-state button. Each button just writes a different number to the tag. Only 1 selected at a time. A wrap option would be awesome! Maybe something like this:


Wrap? [checkbox]
Max Buttons per Column [numeric entry]
Max Buttons per Row [numeric entry]
Horizontal Alignment [dropdown menu]
Vertical Alignment [dropdown menu]

The current “gap” perameters could be used to control spacing. Sound good?

How about we just let it figure out the columns/rows based on the size of the component? Does that work for you?

Well, that presents a problem. How do you determine the size of each button at that point? The way that I presented it, would allow me to cover the entire width of a container with the component having, say 2-20 buttons as I see fit. Then, I can go further and quickly split 1 row into 5. Thereby instantly making each button wider because the “gap” is still the same by default. I really like this tool & think this can just make it that much better.

Agreed. Its in 3.1.3.

Thanks for the feedback,