Multi-table reports

I’m trying to generate a report which displays a table (table 1) on the first page that takes up approximately half the page. I then display another table (table 2) which groups on a particular field and so can display multiple tables over the next 4 or 5 pages.

The problem I have is that the report designer seems to be page based i.e. the first page shows table 1 in the top half and table 2 in the bottom half which is OK. However, all subsequent pages show a blank top half and table 2 in the bottom half.

Is there any way to make the report ‘flow’ down the page, so it display table 1 at the start and then table 2 until it is finished (more like Crystal Reports)?

Yes, you have to turn the table into a table group. There is a button on the table to do that. Once it is a table group you can add peer tables that point to datasets. The first table is displayed then after that the second and so forth onto multiple pages.