Multi-Windows on one large Display. Four 1920x1080 to one 3840x2160

Can anyone share insight on replacing four 1920x1080 monitors with one 3840x2160 monitor, while keeping four separate ignition vision windows in each quadrant of the 3840x2160 monitor?

I’m not sure if it’s possible to “Full-Screen” (without borders) an Ignition display in a 1920x1080 quadrant of a 3840x2160 monitor; or if some device or software exists that forces the computer to see four separate monitors from one big 3840x2160 display.

We would like the solution to be easy for the next programmer and portable to a range of monitor configurations, as any given computer around the production facility could have one of the following configurations:
1.) One large display at 3840x2016.
2.) One display at 1920x1080.
3.) Two displays at 1920x1080.
4.) Four displays at 1920x1080.

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Has anyone used fancy Zones in an industrial setting? I’m going to try the ignition multi-monitor setup with FancyZones.

Edit: Fancy Zones is a neat tool but does not fit our needs, but ultraview-desktop-manager looks promising.

In Vision, you can get four “full-screen” windows in the four quadrants like this:

You could code different options for the different display configurations (detect display config and then choose desired option). If desired, you can give users buttons/menu to make the appropriate arrangement (you can switch windows back and forth between “full-screen” and windowed mode at run-time with similar code).

Also note an alternative suggestion from @Sanderd17 at the bottom of the linked thread:

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Thanks for the response; it works great!

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