MultiCalendar module

Hello, I have created a MultiCalendar and MultiDatepicker module, hope here is the right place to share the module which supports Gregorian, Farsi, Jalali, Arabic, Indian calendar and it is in English, Farsi, Arabic and Hindi languages.
multicalendar.modl (43.0 KB)


This is a good place. If not free, you will want to get it into the IA module showcase. Talk to your IA sales contact to get that started. (There are some requirements, including having your own website to offer downloads and purchasing instructions.).

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Being free to use, this is my first module, and i'm seeking tips to improve my development skills.

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Thanks for sharing this. Add some screenshots into your first post so that folks will understand what you've done without having to download, ...

I've installed it on my gateway and that forced a Designer restart. It's not showing up in the components palette. How do I use it?

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I will certainly do it at the first opportunit

Got it, thanks. The Perspective Components search bar doesn't find text in the section headings.

When I saw the "MultiCalendar" name it suggested that it might pick a date range (start and end date, for example) but I guess that you mean multi-cultural / multi-language.

Some suggestions:

  • Both components seem to be returning a string. They should really return a date data type.
  • All of Perspective's built-in datepickers start on Sunday. If you could provide a Monday start that would solve a problem for many folks.
  • The date string format might be wrong. I think that yyyy-mm-dd formats use the - as the separator. Wikipedia's Slash (punctuation)) article has some interesting historical explanation. (See the 'Dates' secion.) It also mentions ISO 8601.
  • Can you expose the color properties for the weekdays, current day background ;and selected day background. That way they could be bound to the Perspective Perspective Built-In Themes | Ignition User Manual.
  • If you were able to modify to give a date range selection you would make many people happy.
    Date range selector

Example from JavaScript DateRangePicker | HTML5 DateRangePicker | Syncfusion..

Have fun!

I appreciate your suggestions and will incorporate them in the next version

Please check this, I will implement the rest of changes in future releases.

New changes:

  1. Change date format from string to object.
  2. Add a date range selector.
  3. Select the first day of the week.
    multicalendar.modl (45.7 KB)

Good work. I won't get a chance to look at it for a while.

Further thoughts:

  1. Why are you returning the date as an object? Most, if not all, bindings to your component will be looking for a date or date range. (Think tag history, Time Series chart, etc.) Having to convert your objects is another step. Maybe there is a good technical reason.
  2. Do you need a property mode : singleDate / dateRange? That would tell us whether to expect one or two values returned.
  3. On the other hand, why not just two properties, startDate and endDate and make the endDate a null if mode : singleDate?
  4. I think you need colorToday and colorDateSelection props.

@nader.chinichian, I thought of you when I saw the first post as you were looking for such a thing. You might have some further comments.

1: You're right I'll add this too, I thought the object module would give more data and more is better.
2: yes one is better than two module but maybe later.
3: ok
4: they are active now
thanks i'll made this changes in next release

If any changes are needed I would be happy to know.

multicalendar.modl (48.9 KB)


Do you have a repository on GitHub to see the code and see how you did it?

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MultiCalendar github repo

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Is there a way to have the "DatePicker Range" view show like the calendar view... I.E. be up without having to click on the inputbox? It would be awesome for showing previously selected date ranges.