Multiline label vision

I am looking in the display section of the component palette and I have no idea how to get two lines on one component for labeling.

I tried holding shift, ctrl, and alt to get a second line.
I am not sure what the trick is.
Saw that in an older version or maybe in perspective there was a markdown object for displaying multiple lines.

I think it might get messy for me to use two labels for two lines. I could do that as last resort. Any better options to simplify the arranging of the components into a grid?

Maybe I should do a table instead, but I am concerned how it will appear.

Anyone got some really nice videos of making nice looking pages in ignition?

I don’t want to get too fancy, but I also want to make pages that please.

You can use html tags for formatting labels, ie '<html><center>My really cool label text' The example will force word wrapping and center it

Thanks again