Multiline text on button no longer scaling

I have a button in a vision component that has multi-line text achieved with HTML.
The layout has the scale font selected however it seems to not work if the text is encoded with HTML.
Is there a way to bypass this to allow for multi line text in buttons to be scaled in a relative scaled window?

What? HTML has been part of Vision (for multi-line labels) for a decade, because it is part of Java Swing. The OP’s question is legit. (Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer.)


My bad, and very interesting.

Can you please share you HTML could for review?

Check out the inductive university courses, they talk about how to use HTML in Vision a decent deal.

As for OP, I’m sorry, I don’t know.

Note that it is only partial support of HTML.

Also, last I knew it only supported up to HTML 3.2, and not all swing components have the same level of support.

@wschauer It’s a long shot and perhaps you’ve already tried it, but maybe a <font size=X%> (where X is an appropriate percentage for your layout) would allow the text to scale with the component?

Sorry for the delay.

<!html><!/center>Multi Line <!/br> text goes here<!/html>

Hm interesting I will try this tonight.

What are the ! for?

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Me trying to comment out the HTML…

Use a backslash, or wrap all the text using the “pre-formatted text” button.

<html>Ah yes this is much <br> better </html>