Multiline Text on Buttons

If this is possible I haven’t figured it out yet.

Essentially a request to be able to have multiline text on buttons. So that if it doesn’t fit it will try to wrap the text to fit within the bounds of the button.

Hopefully this could support new line characters so that we can format our button appearance in the styles dialog.



You can create multi-line buttons right now using HTML. Put the following text on the text property of the button:<HTML>Line 1<BR>Line 2


I just wanted to follow up on this thread (since it showed up in a Search) to say how pleased I am that Ignition supports HTML in text objects.

It’s an intuitively great idea, executed well.

On a certain-competing-HMI product I found I was limited to one font, one size, and all-or-nothing underlining or bold text per Text object.

By contrast, I just did a label on an Ignition screen that would have read “Delta E/Delta t Limit Fault”, which didn’t fit in the column of indicator labels I wanted to have.

A quick check of an HTML reference and it happily shows a greek Delta, inserted as “&#916” into the text string.

Of course, I can’t show that here because it’s not in BBCode bulletin-board language, but you get the idea.

Great work, guys !