Multiline Tooltip in a Map Marker Perspective

Hello, I wanna know if i could use multiline text in marker tooltip on Map Component in Perspective.
I’ve used \n, \r, etc but doesn’t work. Anybody knows how? or this can’t be possible.

You should be able to if you add a style to the marker
white-space: pre

Seems it has no property for this, so you’ll have to use theme.css or css injection

  white-space: pre


I’m going to test and i tell you… thanks for your time

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Hello again Victor, could you help to tell me how i must use that property? I don’t know how agregate theme.css. where should i put .leaflet-tooltip?, etc


Anywhere that’s not already inside a rule.

there is a tutorial for theming

you can also use injeciton

Thank you Victor!!, i hope it works for tooltip property.


I tested it with injection and it worked for me^^