Multimonitor system

I have a configuration where 5 monitors are connected to the same server. Following the hints in:
I managed to launch 5 times the same project on the server with 5 different startup pages, one different page for each monitor.
I select the startup page for each monitor in the client event script: there I get the value of the Monitor client variable which is set by the Native Client Launcher"[Client]Monitor").value system.gui.setScreenIndex(thisMonitor)
then, based on the thisMonitor value, I show a different startup page in each monitor:

if thisMonitor==0: system.nav.swapTo("MainPage") elif thisMonitor==1: system.nav.swapTo("RecipeMain") elif thisMonitor==2: system.nav.swapTo("MotorsPage")
What’s weird, is that the monitor index is not the same as the Windows Identify command shows. Second if I unplug a monitor and then plug it in again, monitor numbering changes and my script is no more valid.
I know this is not a problem of Ignition, but maybe someone of you has already found a solution.

Thank you in advance,

This sounds like an ambitious setup.
I would like to see it.

Can you run the script on a timer do detect changes?
Can you hook into Java classes and get notification of monitor count change? ( … nment.html) ( I am not a Java guy :/ )