Multiple alarm notes / acknowwlege

Not sure if there is a way to do this already, but if not, this is a HIGH priority for us due to regulatory issues…

I just deployed an app using ignition to monitor the facility environmental controls. The users love the alarms, but want to be able to add additional comments to alarms besides a single “ack”. For example, the temperature of the facility goes into an alarm state. The facilities manager would ack the alarm initially, then a production person may add additional notes that the production areas were shut down. After this facilities might add more notes with an ETA and root cause, then quality group might add a final summary and note that the system was repaired.

So in short, be able to have multiple sets of notes added to an alarm event.

PS is there a way to do this now, or would i need to roll my own solution? I like being able to use the built in alarm journal and status components, so rolling your own, add some hacking to these components I do not like doing.

I am in a similar environment and working on almost the same problem. Were you able to find a solution?

The built-in comments panel might be appropriate for this. The examples in the manual/university say that you can set it up so that it only shows comments for certain “equipment” (I think “accountID” is the reference column in this example). But you could probably use the EventId for the selected alarm to drive the contents of the comments panel. That way you would have your comments associated with both the alarm itself and the user who entered the alarm.

Let me know if this helps!