Multiple attachments using

I am using the reporting module Run Script to send a report through email when data is present in the query. I'd like to be able to attach the file in two formats, pdf and excel in the same email. I currently set the file type as pdf, but didn't know if there is way to add more than one. I tried adding both types to the dictionary but it just sends the first type. Is this even possible? See example script below:

hasData = bool(dataMap['query'])
attachmentName = "reportname"+" "+str(,"MM-dd-22 ha"))
if hasData == True:"reportname",project="projectname",action="email",actionSettings = {"to":[" "], "smtpServerName":"Email", "from":"", "subject":attachmentName,"attachmentName":attachmentName,"fileType":"pdf"})

No, you'll have to do the distribution entirely in your script (use for each format), assembling the email manually and sending with