Multiple bindings to the same gateway tag

I have multiple windows with components that need to reference the value of a single gateway tag via indirect tag references. Does Ignition recognize this (and retrieve it only once from the gateway when the value changes) or does each binding incorporate its own overhead in retrieving a separate copy of the value from the gateway?

Would it be more efficient to link a client tag to the gateway tag and have the window components bound to the client tag? One benefit that I can see is that it would reduce the number of indirect tag bindings that one has to configure (or update in the future if needed).

Ignition’s tag manager will “do the right thing” for multiple subscriptions to the same tag, even when selected by indirect bindings.


Thank you for the response pturmel but your answer doesn’t address my questions. Maybe I didn’t phrase my questions clearly. I am not trying to determine whether Ignition is doing it right or wrong. There are usually several ways to handle a particular operation in Ignition and I’m simply trying to determine which would be the most efficient in this case. My application uses Ignition Edge on a standalone controller so there is not an infinite amount of resources available (as compared to a server). It may not even matter from an efficiency perspective, but I would rather ask the question up front rather than risk running into issues down the line after the project structure has been solidified.

I believe the answer to this is yes–yes being “the right thing” in this case.

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And, regarding whether a client tag is ‘more efficient’ - no, not really, although it does, as you pointed out, potentially reduce future maintenance burden, which is its own selling point.

Thank you PGriffith.