Multiple databases in single history provider/store

The Tag Properties document indicates "A particular Tag can only target one history store."

Can this one history store be multiple mysql databases on the same server? Or, must we specify one particular mysql database? . (For my example below, I wonder if it is possible to point a database connection to jdbc:mysql:// instead of jdbc:mysql://

For simplicity, let's assume I have a single realtime provider (the SCADA database on server1). I know I can use a second, separate source as a history provider (the SCADA2 database on server2).

What I wonder is whether the SCADA2 database on server2 can actually be 12 separate databases partitioned by month, SCADA01, SCADA02, etc - & if pointing to the whole server in the database connection, as opposed to a specific database, could still work.

Thanks for any advice.

For the sake of answering your question, I'll point you to the Tag History Splitter - you can connect a particular tag to only one history provider, but that history provider doesn't necessarily have to map to a single database.

However, I really have to ask what benefit you think you would derive from your proposed architecture.


Thank you, this answers my question & confirms I'll take another approach. & this proposed architecture was a an attempt to leverage an already existing data architecture used for reporting, which is entirely customized.

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