Multiple db column mappings

I have a group to INSERT a row when a line changes product, a group to INSERT a row when the shifts change and a group to UPDATE the last row on an interval (all the same table). This is how I want the t_stamp to behave - when I INSERT a row, the column ‘start_time’ should be set equal to t_stamp and when I UPDATE the last row I want to set the column ‘t_stamp’ to the t_stamp value. I tried changing the column mappings but it appears that the mappings cross the group, they are specific to the table not the group.

Any suggestions?



There may be a few ways to accomplish this, but the first thing that comes to mind is to simply create an action item in the first insert group that executes as an SQL query along the lines of “select current_timestamp”. Then just have this item write back to the start_time field. If your group is executing on a trigger (which I think it is), you’ll want to make sure your action item is NOT set to “execute on every update interval”.

Hope that helps,