Multiple Designers - Minimum Designer Memory Gateway Settings

Ignition 8.1.1

Does anyone have any recommendations for the minimum amount of Designer Memory in the Gateway settings?

Currently running out of memory on the server due to too many designers open at the same time, had one designer using almost 50% of the server memory = very bad.

I’m not sure this works the way you think it does. Setting the Designer memory to, e.g. 1GB, does not require 1GB of memory from the gateway.

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Don’t run designers on the gateway.

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Good to know…and you are right, I don’t understand. All I know is I’m running out of memory on my gateway and indeed someone did run a Designer session directly on the gateway. Perhaps that single session was the entire problem.

I will say that performance issues have occurred with multiple designers open, I strongly suspect a lack of memory problem.

So let me re-phrase: If I wanted to run 10 designers concurrently on the same gateway how much memory (if any) would that use on the gateway?

I already know that I have ~4Gb to spare, thinking that may not be enough.

Could also be SQL server hogging memory to service these designers.

Ugh. The possibilities are endless.

Don’t run databases on the gateway. (Yes, SQL Server is a memory hog. Whether designers are running or not.)

If you are launching them on the same machine the Ignition Gateway is running on then you will need as much as 10 times whatever the designer memory allocation setting is.

Outside of a local development scenario, which 10 Designers qualifies as, Designers are generally meant to be launched from separate machines, e.g. the Ignition Gateway runs on a server somewhere and you and 9 other developers launch a Designer on your laptop or workstation.

Lol…let me rephrase again: 10 designers on 10 machines, each with there own independent resources. Are there any gateway considerations for this scenario? Just curious if running a Designer remotely uses Gateway resources. Surely it must use some, even if it is minimal.

It is now crystal clear to me that running a designer directly on the gateway is not a good thing for resources.

Thank you for your replies. It is very much appreciated.

The resource usage is minimal. But you can certainly do things in a Designer that lead to increased memory usage on the gateway, like open a view that runs a big history or alarm status query, run a script, etc…

I’m thinking maybe a lot of binding previews in Designer with some expensive query bindings is the issue…and not a lot of ways to measure and fix that.

Thanks for your help.