Multiple Gateway Configuration Logouts

I run a full Redundant Ignition instance with Git integration meaning I have 4 gateways in total; Master, Backup, Dev & Test.

It is quite normal for me to have tabs open to the Gateway Web pages on multiple Gateways, when I log into one gateway it logs the other Gateways i’m connected to out. This is rather frustrating when comparing Gateway settings.

Is this normal or is there something misconfigured? Perhaps a browser setting, cookies etc.

It’s normal; an unfortunate consequence of things on our webserver. If each session has a different hostname, then you can log in to multiple gateways simultaneously. One recommendation when this last came up was to put in different hosts file entries for each gateway, then always connect to them by hostname.

This thread has more information on that and some other workarounds:

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your reply. Yeah this makes sense,. I guess it’s more noticeable when you are making lots of changes, such as I was today with upgrades on all gateways.

My setup has all Gateways at different IP addresses however my remote laptop ties them all together as SSH Tunnels, since they are all then bound to localhost then this is clearly the reason.

Modification of the hosts file won’t help I guess but there may be workarounds in your links. Either way, as you say, this normal lol

I’d think the local hosts file modification should work… couldn’t you create a hostname for each gateway and map it to the loopback IP Then access each gateway’s http url in your browser by its hostname (as defined in your hosts file) and port (the one that is bound by its respective ssh tunnel on localhost).

Correct me if i’m wrong but the hosts file deals with DNS only and cannot deal with ports. For example, the url’s for each of my gateways are:


The hostname is the same for all 4, each one would have to have a different IP in order for the system to resolve the hostname/ip via the hosts file.

There’s no solution to distinguish ports. The best you could do would be to point a bunch of distinct DNS names at localhost and use them for separate gateways.

You could use different loopback IPs on your tunnels:

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Hi Paul,
Thanks, this was just the trick, I did not know that you could actually stipulate a different loopback address in the ‘Source Port’ section of the Tunnels in PuTTY instead of just a port number.

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