Multiple Gateways environment via MQTT

How does Ignition Gateway to Gateway Servers share tags within multiple gateways environments via WAN? Can it use MQTT and view tags in real time ?

The EAM module allows project resource transfer/sharing among multiple gateways

However MQTT does allow viewing tags in real time between gateways and edge devices. Whats the size (number) of tags you want to share between gateways across the WAN ?

thanks for your reply @Pramanj.

Approximately may be around 3000 tags for the whole. We want to install Central Gateways located at the Central Dispatch with many plant sites connected located at different locations thru corporate network or WAN. Real time data is very critical. We want real time data if possible only 1 sec or less delay. What do you think is the best setup?

When you say “many plant sites” ,what is installed at plant sites? Are these Ignition Edge gateways or something else? How many gateways do you have at central dispatch? Are they Ignition gateways? What industry are you serving, Is it an Electric Utility Industry (if you don’t mind being specific) ? These will help in deciding the best setup.

yes. at each plant sites, there are ignition Edge gateways installed connected to the IEDs i.e power meters, etc… also installed in the plant sites are redundant Ignition Gateway Servers.

At Central Dispatch, there will be one redundant Gateway Servers to consolidate all data coming from all the plant sites. There are 4 plant sites in total. They are all Ignition at the plant sites and in the Central Dispatch

We are an Electric Utility or power plants generators.

MQTT also has a store and forward mechanism built in it