Multiple Gateways -> One Database Historian


I am working on a project where we will have a gateway in a central location which will handle the visualization portion of the project. We will then have multiple gateways across various customer sites that will handle data collection. We want all of the gateways to be connected to one central database where we will be storing historical data to be used by the visualization. Correct me if I’m wrong, but from my understanding all of the historical data coming in will be stored in one database table (sqlt_data_x_x_x). I am trying to figure out how to identify which gateway the data is coming in from so that we can show the correct data based on the site selected. I have a couple ideas listed below.

  • Create a unique scanclass name for each site and then use the unique id from the sqlth_te table and the scanclass to filter the data.

  • Have some sort of unique identifier in the tagpath that can then be used to identify which gateway the tags are coming from.

I’d appreciate any feedback, and if you have experience with something similar I would love to hear how you tackled it.

Thank you.

Good news - you are mistaken :slight_smile:
The first identifier after sqlth_data will correspond to an entry in the sqlth_drv table. Each gateway connected will add at least two entries to the sqlth_drv table; so you’ll often see sqlt_data_1, sqlt_data_3, etc tables created.

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This is great news, thanks so much!